Lots of lasers are marketed for lipolysis. Just how should you choose the appropriate laser? Right here is a novel idea … let’s utilize scientific research. Every one of the lipo lasers on the marketplace will certainly work, yet the issue is not just effectiveness – it is additionally safety and security and rate.

There are only so many things a laser can do to inside the tissue. It can be taken in, reflected, diffused and refracted … that has to do with it. What you are trying to find is a balance. So commonly business will show how their laser is the highest absorption or has the largest Fluence and more.

While that is sometimes helpful, what we are truly after is clinical utility, safety and security and also effectiveness. Like this one, pay a visit at aesthetic clinic. A laser with too great absorption in fat will result in an extremely warm laser idea and no actual quantity of heat. We are not seeking to ablate the fat, we are aiming to thaw the fat.

A laser with a mid-range of fat absorption as well as a mid- range of fat diffusion will provide the biggest volume of heat. If the laser has sufficient power we can then regulate the warmth within that volume and obtain the biggest quantity at the right warmth to do the most effective work. Of the a number of wavelengths on the market, the biggest quantity is with 1064 followed by 980 and 920.

The 1320 and also 1440 are smaller yet. The tiny quantity of the 1440 nm results in intense heat in that region. Some have suggested this is a benefit. This is plainly not the case. What this suggests is that with each pass of the laser cannula you will certainly warm a larger quantity of fat to the medically appropriate temperature level (concerning 65O C). Due to this, less passes and also faster procedures result with Nd: YAG at 1064 nm.

Different lasers have different absorption in various cells. You do not want a laser that has high absorption in the skin due to the fact that if you are functioning near the under surface of the skin, you might see issues of over-heating the skin that can lead to burns. In the full post with graphs, you will see two illustrations that stand for the impact of laser energy when aimed towards the skin.

The left side of the chart is the skin surface. The 1 to 1.5 mark is the under side of the skin. What you will certainly see is that the 1440 laser reveals substantial spikes at the deepness. This is a temperature level spike. You will see that the temperature is a feature of the angle of the laser power to the skins under surface area.

When working close to the undersurface of the skin, it is rather very easy to push the cannula up against the underside of the skin and fire the laser at “factor space” and also 0 levels resulting in a great deal of warm into the skin. This can result in adverse effects. With Nd: YAG or 1064 we do not see these spikes. This results in less adverse effects as well as a far better safety and security account.

Additionally, you will certainly intend to choose a laser with variable square pulsing (VSP). There are a number of reason for this. The first is as I constantly state … you do not want a one trick pony. With VSP your lipolysis laser can have QCW – that is Quazi Continual Wave. This has been show to coagulate blood much better that Continual Wave, resulting in fewer contusions as well as faster recuperation.

Additionally, since V indicates Variable you can choose longer pulse sizes. That allows for various other treatments such a transcutaneous skin firm (as in FRAC3), vascular job (such as spider capillaries) as well as hair elimination. Additionally, this same wavelength, for the very same factors, is exceptional at endovascular veinous treatments.


The 1064 nm Nd: YAG lasers are the most widely utilized lasers for lipolysis, with the longest professional document of safety as well as effectiveness. The professional monitorings of marginal pain, outstanding long-term success and short recovery are credited to the 1064nm Nd: YAG’s capability to efficiently target laser power into cellulite, consequently restricting unfavorable mechanical and also thermal results in the surrounding tissues.

Furthermore, the Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser systems have actually created dramatically because their intro for laser lipolysis. The newest XP-2 Focus laser has a 30W QCW mode power-generating ability, reaching greater treatment rates as well as performance while operating at a fraction of its optimum capacity.

This ensures system durability, essentially lowering running prices. Combined with the VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology, a wide variety of selectable pulse periods are currently offered in Nd: YAG lasers.

This provides better procedure control and also extreme flexibility. The most up to date Nd: YAG laser gadgets can be made use of not just for laser lipolysis but likewise for endo as well as exo-vascular treatments, FRAC3 skin rejuvenation, acne treatments, hair elimination, as well as various other procedures.

The high performance and also flexibility of the most recent innovation strong crystal Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser systems, combined with their ideal efficacy and also safety, make these lasers the clinical tools of option when compared to other wavelength gadgets for laser lipolysis.

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