English is compulsory – and not only at school. To the chagrin of some who don’t care much about the language, English is now a must. This is for eight good reasons, as the following article will tell you.

English is the world language in general

Every child knows that English is a world language. It is not only a school subject, but is also the official language in many countries or a second language. But not only in the distance it is extremely useful to be able to communicate in English, also in the homeland undreamt-of career chances open English knowledge to one. English is therefore a real door opener that you have to learn for your own advantage.

English is used for communication in foreign countries

It should be no secret that in other countries one can hardly communicate in German. How useful it is to know English. After all, there are many attractive travel destinations not only in English-speaking countries. Also in other parts of the world, English makes communication immensely easier. In general, it is almost always the case that English is spoken wherever tourists travel. So get out the dictionary and off you go!

English as a career springboard

In times of globalization, almost all companies require English. After all, it means communicating with subsidiaries or partners abroad. This makes it all the more important to have a good command of English and to constantly improve your English. After all, you will hardly be promoted with insufficient language skills.

English in the literature

Literature thrives on its language jokes. Unfortunately, these are mostly lost through translation, so that even the best novel can drag on in some places. So nothing beats the original. But in some areas English even becomes compulsory reading. This applies in particular to computer science. Technical literature exists here mostly exclusively in English, so that programmers are probably forced from the outset to acquire the language.

English for entertainment purposes

The same principle applies to films and TV series as to English literature. Although dubbing is also used here, language jokes are almost automatically ignored. After all, nothing beats the original!

English Songs

The English language also dominates in music. So if you want to understand what is sung and maybe even want to sing along, there is no way around English.

The World Wide Web is fully English

The name World Wide Web already reveals that almost nothing works on the Internet without knowledge of English. And indeed, you can find a lot only on English pages. But that’s not really a miracle, because about 330 million people are native English speakers. It goes without saying that there are a lot of English-language sites on the Internet.

Getting to know the most interesting people with English

English is probably the language that connects people all over the world. And you don’t even have to travel to foreign countries to get in touch with new people. Maybe tourists come to your area more often? Or do you hold workshops or meetings in English at regular intervals nearby? So it’s high time to get into conversation with nice people and polish up your English on the side.

Why it is worth learning to speak English

You may not hear it for the first time, but learning a foreign language is an absolute must today!

In Germany, English is often taught in primary school from 1st grade onwards. The learning of a living foreign language starts in early childhood.

In the 5th grade English is usually the first foreign language. In some grammar schools there is even the offer of a bilingual train. These pupils then receive an extended English lesson from the 5th grade onwards.

In the following years, other subjects, such as geography or history, are also taught in English. This is an important plus for the personal development of the students and their future professional career.

Today, a large part of the world’s population speaks English (approximately 1.2 billion English-speaking people are recorded around the world).

Travel, health, linguistics, careers, love: there are some good reasons and impulses for learning a foreign language, especially the Beatles language.

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